Your safety is key to me

Working as a male boudoir, glamour and art nude phtographer might appear to be a bit of a problem.  Like newborn photography, all three styles would seem to be more suited to a female photographer.  There are occasional reports in the media of unsavoury characters masquerading as photographers that don’t help the situation.  Thankfully these reports are rare and the offenders are dealt with by the authorities.  It’s perfectly understandable to me that you may wish to choose a female photographer on those grounds.   I hope that my standard of photography will persuade you to consider otherwise.

Your safety and comfort is of paramount concern to me, along with discretion and confidentiality.  I recommend that you should think about having a chaperone present during our session for your added peace of mind.  I have found them to be an invaluable help when adjustments need to be made to hair or clothing.  All photographers should operate a strict no touching policy, so  a chaperone is a great help in quickly sorting out any little changes to your appearance.