About Sensual Edge Photography

From film to digital

I am a photographer based in Chatteris, Cambridgeshire who became interested in photography a long time ago, when I was at school.  Back in those dim and distant days only film existed, so I used to go out, snap away and then send my film off to a printer when the roll or cassette was full.  Then came the wait and the inevitable disappointment.  Under or over exposed labels were stuck all over my prints, some were out of focus and others just blurry.  My pocket money was being spent on processing, and it was being wasted because I wasn’t getting the results I wanted.  My interest in photography waned and then vanished completely.

Jump forward to 1999 and I was coming to the end of my time in the RAF, but the powers that be were determined to get one last detachment out of me to the Falkland Islands.   I wanted to take a camera, but didn’t fancy sending films back to the UK, so I invested heavily in my first digital camera, a Fuji MX 400.  It had a fantastic 1.4 mega pixel sensor, quite impressive for the time.  I took it, used it and got hooked.  I knew then what I wanted to do when I left the RAF after 22 years.

Digital, more digital, and lights

I took a course as part of my discharge process, with a company based near Clapham Common, where I scratched the surface of a very early version of Photoshop.  Reality kicked in though, and I realised I was going to have to fund my rather expensive hobby, so I got a full time job doing what I did in the RAF for the local police force.  That was a good decision for two reasons, it kept me funded for equipment purchases, and  the job was to provide me with a small but useful pension some 17 years later.  In the meantime I had a kit frenzy.  Canon camera after Canon camera was bought, along with an array of lenses.  Each camera was more serious than the last, culminating in the purchase of a Canon 1DX, at the time Canon’s top of the range model.  One thing was dawning slowly, and that it was great to have the kit, but I had no direction, nothing specific to use it for.  It was time for a long hard look at where I was.  It was clear that people photography was far and away the style I enjoyed most, so I invested in some lights.

Weddings and more

As I evolved from being a hobbyist to an enthusiast I started taking on weddings, initially with friends and family and then other couples that had seen my work. I loved it and still do, working as Mel Pettit Wedding Photography.  I didn’t want to stop there, so portraits, family events and then boudoir, glamour and art nude photography followed rapidly.  My investment in good quality equipment paid dividends, because I don’t have a studio, I go to my clients.  My portable studio heads are all battery powered and easily last through a day’s worth of shoots, so I don’t need any mains electrical power, I can set up and we can get on with getting you some superb images.  Of course, you’re home may have lovely soft natural light that we can use, or we can work outside at a location of your choice.  The choice is yours.  If you would like to arrange a boudoir, glamour or art nude session contact me for furthern details, or look at my services, packages and products pages.

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