A day in the North Yorkshire moors

I’ve worked with Angela Kate Hudson, or AKH, a number of times. She is a fantastically versatile model, but her glamour and art nude work are my favourite styles.

Right at the start of the long and hot summer of 2018 I got the chance to work with her in Yorkshire. It was an area I’ve been to before when I was in the RAF, so I knew the area quite well, or so I thought. We headed for a spot that Angela knew, and it was only when we got there that I realised that i didn’t know Yorkshire as well as I thought I did. Luckily, despite the weather, the area we worked in was secluded and we saw only two other people all of the time we were there.

The first spot we worked in had a large number of rocks that we used. As you can see from the two images below the area is quite bleak in places, consisting of scrub, small bushes and beautiful rocks with lots of texture.  Being elevated the wind was a bit of a problem, so we had a few moments with hair, but Angela coped with it all admirably.

We did a series of shots featuring the rocks which I think work very well in black and white.

Angela Kate Hadson in an art nude pose at Brimham Rock, North Yorkshire
Three quarter length black and white art nude image of Angela Kate Hudson at Brimham Rocks, North Yorkshire

Upwards to the ridge

As beautiful as the rocks were we also wanted to get a series of images showing the Vale of York in the background.  Yorkshire is very hilly in places but coming from a very flat place as I do I love the vale.  It has a magnificence all of its own as you can see below.  The clouds create wonderful shadows so the view is constantly changing and never the same twice.

A full length art nude shot at Brimham Rocks of Angela Kate Hudson standing on top of the ridge
Angela Kate Hudson in an art nude pose standing on the ridge at Brimham Rocks with the Vale of York behind her.

To a field for some sunset shots

We moved down to the valley for the second part of the shoot. Angela wanted to get some sunset shots in a crop field and she knew the perfect spot. The only things that were missing were the clouds, so we didn’t get the golden glow or deep red sunset we had hoped for, but there is always next time.  Sunset shots are a particular favourite of mine.  Sometimes they are hard to do as the model I am working with is not always available that time of day if he or she is sunset shots must be done!  Angela’s choice of location was spot on, the background was clear of any obstructions and I was able to shoot with the sun off to camera left.

The setup meant that Angela would be largely silhouetted so I needed to add some light to her to fill in some of the shadows but not all.  To do this I used my Profoto B1 X with a large umbrella.  You can see the results below.  I’m very happy to have retained some rim lighting which accentuated the colour of Angela’s hair.

I also took the opportunity to practice another of my favourite techniques whilst we were in the field.  I like to shoot from low down using a wide angle lens to capture as much of the background and sky as I possibly can.  I have to be careful of the distortion at the top and bottom of the image but careful placing of something in the foreground can help.  In this case I used crops to hide Angela’s legs preventing distortion the bottom of the image.  The top of the picture wasn’t a problem as it was just sky and showed no distortion at all.  I love the dramatic effect this technique produces.

A semi nude Angela Kate Hudson in a filed of recently cut crops in the golden evening light
Art nude image of Angela Kate Hudson standing in a field of recently cut crops during the golden hour in North Yorkshire
A wide angle art nude image of Angela Kate Hudson taken during sunset in North Yorkshire
Blue sky and a golden field during a sunset shot with Angela Kate Hudson in North Yorkshire

The end of a perfect day – nearly

At the end of the day Angela and I retreated to a beautiful Yorkshire village pub where I had a pint of shandy containing one of the local brews before my long drive home.  The day was perfect apart from two things; I had misplaced my light meter somewhere on Brimham Rocks which couldn’t be found despite an extensive search, and my Profoto B1 X had blown over in the wind causing some damage which needed to be repaired.  Anyone who owns anything Profoto knows that repairs are not cheap.  Despite that was still a wonderful day.