There’s a lot of overlap between boudoir and glamour images and perhaps the same for boudoir and art nude.  Potentially some boudoir images could be considered as fine art if partially clothed or fully nude.  It can get very confusing as the determination of what category any particular image falls into is down to personal interpretation based on a massive set of inbuilt beliefs and values.  I have lost count of the number of times someone has said that they can’t view my site as either they or their other half thinks it’s porn.  By my own values I don’t do porn, nor will I ever consider it in the future.  Others might think differently.  Anyway, enough of my ramblings.

Way back in December 2014 I had a great shoot with the lovely Nicky Phillips. I wanted to get some glamour images as well as some boudoir shots.  Nicky is great at both styles, so I knew it would be a terrific session.  It was, and it went so well that we had some time left to do some fashion nude.  That’s another blog for a different day.

Taking a look at the first image, I would class this as boudoir.  It’s not dark and moody and it’s not set in the bedroom, but boudoir doesn’t have to be either of those things.  I think its the mood Nicky is showing that makes it boudoir as opposed to glamour.  there’s no direct eye to camera contact and the pose looks soft and relaxed.

Nicky is wearing the same lingerie in the next image, but there is a massive change in the pose. it’s very submissive, there is eye to camera contact and there is a greater degree of intent in the atmosphere of the picture. It’s much more of a ‘here I am, look at me’ type of picture. I think it also proves the point that a glamour shot does not mean the subject has to be partially clothed or nude. 

I think the third imageis harder to categorise.It’s a mix of the softer boudoir style and the brasher glamour photography.  My personal feeling is that i would put this down as a glamour picture, if nothing more than for the eye to camera contact.  I don’t think  Nicky pulling on her bra makes that much of a difference, I have seen countless boudoir images where that happens.

At the end of this, I’m wondering if categorising pictures matters that much.  There will always be some images that are clearly either boudoir, glamour or art nude.  Is it upsetting to anyone if they view what they think will be a set of boudoir pictures, only to find something they think is glamour shot?  Would it affect their overall feeling about the set?

The reason I’m asking is to try and get a feel for the sensitivity of viewers.  I know of people who will not think about looking at an art nude set, purely because they consider any nudity as porn. I find that odd, but everyone has their own set of values.  Would they be equally annoyed or frustrated if they viewed a boudoir set but found nudity in it?  For now, I think that anyone viewing this site will have to be aware that my any of the boudoir, glamour or art nude posts I make might contain nudity and either go with that or just not look.