Angel White on the stairs at Talliston House in Essex.  This is a topless glamour shot.

Angel White does glamour at Talliston House

It would be fair to say that Talliston House is a very, very quirky location. On the outside it looks like a normal council house on an estate. Inside it is anything but that. Take a look for yourself here: Talliston House.

Each room is themed and decorated to a very high standard indeed. As a location for photography it is superb, and to work with Angel White there only improved matters even more.

I’ve worked with Angel a few times, and she is an absolutely superb model, and very versatile too. She arrived with a bag full of clothes and props, so we set about trying to match what she had brought with her to the rooms. Sadly, even with four hours in which to work, we didn’t get to every room in the house. We did our best though ,and produced a varied portfolio.

I’ve added a number of images to the gallery below for you to see. It was a totally enjoyable session and one that I’ll be wanting to repeat again in the near future.

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