Angela Kate Hudson – art nude in Yorkshire

Angela Kate Hudson & the North Yorkshire Moors

I’ve worked with Angela Kate Hudson, or AKH, a number of times. She is a fantastically versatile model, but her glamour and art nude work are my favourite styles.

Right at the start of the long and hot summer of 2018 I got the chance to work with her in Yorkshire. It was an area I’ve been to before when I was in the RAF, so I knew the area quite well, or so I thought. We headed for a spot that Angela knew, and it was only when we got there that I realised that i didn’t know Yorkshire as well as I thought I did. Luckily, despite the weather, the area we worked in was secluded and we saw only two other people all of the time we were there.

The first spot we worked in had a large number of rocks that we used. As you can see from the gallery below we were half way up a ridge that fell away to show the valley below. Being elevated the wind was a bit of a problem, but Angela coped with it all admirably.

We moved down to the valley for the second part of the shoot. Angela wanted to get some sunset shots in a crop field and she knew the perfect spot. Th only things that were missing were the clouds, so we didn’t get the golden glow or deep red sunset we had hoped for, but there is always next time!

There is a short 2 minutes 30 seconds behind the scenes video of the shoot here. It was such a beautiful evening and the perfect way to spend a day.

Sensual Edge Photography

A boudoir, glamour and art nude photographer based in Chatteris, Cambridgeshire

Tel: 01354 696896 or 07990 573372


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