Ayla Rose boudoir pose reclining on bed

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Boudoir, Glamour and Art Nude Photography

Sensual Edge Photography is based in Chatteris, Cambridgeshire, and the surrounding counties of Norfolk, Suffolk, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Hertfordshire and Essex. We offer boudoir, glamour and art nude photography with a twist. We don’t operate out of a studio, we come to you, so you can enjoy your photography session in the comfort of your own home, or at a location of your choice.  Fully mobile and with enough portable lighting to turn your home into a studio we can shoot anywhere at any time.

We are discrete and sensitive to your privacy.  Your photographs will never be seen by anyone other than those you choose to show them to.  You can find more details on my services page.

You can choose from a fixed price package, or buy the amount of time that suits and add your own products at your convenience.  The range of items includes albums, photo books, wall hanging products and prints, or electronic files on a quality wooden USB stick.


Boudoir image of Scarlett Fox in a white nightdress standing by a window with her reflection in the background

Choose from traditional low key boudoir photography, or more modern light and breezy images.  Perhaps you could go crazy and have both styles.

We can use the natural light you have in your home to create low key work, especially if you have large windows, or I can use my portable studio flash heads to add light wherever it’s needed.

If we are photographing you in your house we can use any room you like.  We won’t be confined to a studio and a fixed bedroom set, so we can be as creative as you wish  Do you want some pictures in the living room, conservatory  or even the kitchen?  We can do that.

As I travel to you, there is no need for you to carry bags of clothing around all over the place.  Everything will be to hand, right where you are.


Rebecca Leah glamour image in a deserted factory

Where boudoir images are soft, gentle and enticing, glamour pictures are a bit more brash and in your face.  This is a style that can be taken anywhere, and is especially suited to deserted urban locations, such as abandoned buildings, out in the countryside or even by the sea. Your garden, or local nature reserves are alternatives. The choice of places to go is infinite.

Art Nude

Elle Beth posing art nude by a lightning struck tree

Like glamour images, art nude is not confined to the indoors. The style works very well outdoors too, combined with natural features in the landscape.  Alternatively, you could enjoy a more traditional low key set of images, relying as much on shadows as light.  That style works very well in black and white.

Art nude photography is probably the most time intensive photographically of all the three styles of photography that we do, but the results are worth it.  Getting the perfect shot takes a little time as a small twist or turn can produce dramatically different results, but we will review the pictures as we go through the session, making sure we get exactly the result that you want.

If you would like to discuss a boudoir, glamour or art nude booking with me use my contact form, or one of the links below.  I hope to hear from you.

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